Minimum booking is two hunters for two days, with a maximum of four hunters. Hunters arrive about noon on the first day of the hunt and depart by noon on last day.  Your hunt includes lodging, transportation around the ranch, blinds, feeders and use of the walk-in cooler.  We have a firing range for your use to check the sighting of your guns and a bow block available upon request.  Meals are not included, but the cabin has a full working kitchen and BBQ grill.  Guides will help you field dress your harvest and will cape your trophy animal at an additional fee of $50.00 per head.  A gratuity for your guides is not mandatory, but greatly appreciated.

A buck hunt fee is $600 per hunter  with a two-day booking.  The hunter may also harvest a doe after taking a buck.

Harvest fees for whitetail bucks as follows:
Up to 120”                                    $800
120” -  130”                               $1,000
130” - 140”                                $1,500
140” - 150”                                $2,000
150” - 160”                                $3,000
160” - 170”                                $4,000

Harvest fees for axis bucks as follows:
Guide’s choice on
mgmt buck up to 30”      $1,800
Bucks over 30”                                                  $2,500
Harvest fees for sika bucks                            $2000

Extra doe fees are as follows:
Whitetail              $150
Axis                       $450
Sika                       $200


Catto-Gage Ranch

Contact Information 

Catto-Gage Ranch
ATTN:  Dwayne or Christi Lowak
P. O. Box 388
Kendalia, Texas 78027
Telephone:  210-215-1880

We request a non-refundable deposit of $600 per hunter   All hunters must sign our Hunter Release  and abide by our Hunting Rules and our Policies and Rules for Cabin Rental.